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If you are looking to get in front of CIOs & Sr. level IT Executives, there is no better way to do it than to participate in our IT Strategies Conferences. Whether you are looking to speak, highlight a new product, get your name and your companies name in front of the CIOs, acquire new contacts or just reconnect with old clients; we provide an exclusive environment that makes it all possible.

Each of our events focuses on the needs of the CIOs & Sr. level IT Executives in that region. It gives the CIOs the opportunity to network with their peers and colleagues and discuss best practices, strategies and solutions to challenges that they face within their IT organization. As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to sit in the sessions with the CIOs and learn about some the challenges that they face, the future direction that they are looking to go and to gather key insights that can help you to present a more comprehensive solution.

Benefits of participating as a sponsor:

  • Meet and network with the top CIOs and senior level IT Executives in the region and reconnect with clients that you may have not seen for a while.
  • Showcase your solutions, products and offerings with a display in our sponsor pavilion.
  • Our full access conference passes, give you the ability to join in the discussions with the CIOs and learn about some of the challenges that they face.
  • Trouble getting that face to face meeting? Our exclusive environment gives you the opportunity to talk openly with CIOs without having to go through a Gate Keeper.
  • Set yourself apart as the go-to industry experts with one of our one hour keynote or breakout discussions.
  • Gain Company Visibility and Brand Awareness.

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